Mohinder Kaur Midha becomes first Dalit woman mayor in UK

In a historic first, Mohinder Kaur Midha becomes the first Dalit woman mayor in the Uk after she was elected to the highest office in the Ealing council. The City of Ealing in West London has elected Mohinder Kaur Midha as mayor. Mohinder Kaur Midha got the maximum votes in the Ealing Council elections and was elected to the city’s most important post for the year 2022-23. Mohinder Kaur is the first Dalit woman to sit on the Mayor’s chair in a UK city. This news has brought a smile on the face of Ambedkarites not only in Britain but around the world.

Santosh Das, a well-known name in London and human rights activist, wrote on Twitter, “Duly elected in the last 5 minutes Mrs Mohinder K. Midha as Mayor of Ealing for 22/23. The first ever Dalit woman mayor in the UK. A proud moment for us.”

At the same time, Harvard University dalit scholar Suraj Yengde has also called Congratulated on this news. He wrote on Twitter, “This is an international news. Congratulations to Ealing Council for electing the first Dalit woman mayor of the UK, The Worshipful Mohinder Midha.”

Let us tell you that in Britain, the mayor is the biggest post to run the local administration of a city. From the development of a city to the local problems, it is the mayor together with the council. In such a situation, the post of mayor becomes very important. Now for the year 2022-23, Mohinder Midha will take these big decisions by sitting on the highest post of Ealing Council.

Mohinder Midha, a believer in Ambedkarite ideology, has proved that if given a chance, anyone can touch the sky.

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