#modi_job_do: Trending on Twitter with over 5 million tweets, Angry youth have opened front against Modi govt

As many as 5.5 million people have taken to Twitter under the hashtag ‘modi_job_do’ with the slogan ‘Modi Job Do’. This hashtag is suffocating the ruling BJP. Millions of people across the country lost their jobs due to the Corona Pandemic.

Through the hashtag #modi_job_do, many youth are targeting the Modi government over the employment issue. The demand for employment from the BJP government at the Center is now gaining momentum.

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 According to the CMIE report, 1.77 million people earning a monthly salary have lost their jobs since the lockdown came into effect in March last year. Many more lost their jobs between June and July. The central government has promised that the economy will recover slowly and create jobs for the unemployed, even if the current lockdown is not completely eliminated.

As unemployment is causing a global crisis today, the international community is also facing major challenges. There are no new jobs in the United States.

#modi_job_do trending on twitter

In this context, many are directly requesting Prime Minister Modi to give them a job through social media in view of the rising unemployment in India. To this end, the hashtag ‘modi_job_do’ topped the India trending yesterday as well as Today. More than 55 lakh people have tweeted and posted various comments on this hashtag. Many people have questioned that BJP came to the power with the promise of giving 2 crores jobs a year, what happened to the promise of two crore jobs?

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