Modi govt to hold 1st National ‘Cow Science’ promotion exam on February 25 online

The National Kamdhenu Commission (Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog) says that the cow is not only a milk-giving animal but, on four legs, is a complete science. The Commission claims that the cow can play an important role in fulfilling the dream of the 5 trillion economic of the central government.

To promote cow science, the Kamdhenu Commission is going to organise an online exam at the national level. The Chairman of the Commission Vallabhbhai Kathiria said that the Commission is working on promoting the usefulness of the cow.

He told that in this episode, Kamdhenu Cow Science Promotion Examination (Kamdhenu Gau Vigyan Prachar Prasar Exam) will be organised. This exam will be held on February 25, 2021. This exam will be online. 100 questions related to cow will be asked in exam. These questions will be asked in 12 local languages ​​including Hindi and English.

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There will be 4 categories of exam paper and 1 hour will be given to solve all 100 questions.

Vallabhbhai Kathiria says that cow is completely science and people should have knowledge about this science.

Cow dung anti radiation (cow dung chip)

The chairman of the National Kamdhenu Commission had said some time ago that cow dung is anti radiation. It protects everyone, if you bring it home then your place will be radiation free. It is scientifically proven.

You should know that the Central Government established the National Kamadhenu Commission on February 6, 2019 two years ago. This commission comes under the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy. The main function of this commission is to protect and promote the various species of animals, besides preventing the slaughter of cows and calves, including promoting the commercial use of cow, cow dung and cow urine.

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