‘Modi govt must stop stoking anti-Muslim sentiment’: Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh after several provocative videos went viral

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, has expressed concern about Muslims in India.

Jagmeet Singh has written on Twitter that the Modi government should stop anti-Muslim sentiments.

Jagmeet Singh wrote, “I am deeply concerned about images, videos, and targeted threats of violence against the Muslim community in India. The Modi govt must stop stoking anti-Muslim sentiment. Human rights must be protected. Canada must play a strong role in working towards peace everywhere.”

Indian-origin Jagmeet Singh is the leader of the party, an important ally of the Justin Trudeau government of Canada. In the last elections, Jagmeet Singh’s party had won 24 seats and he was in the role of kingmaker.

This tweet of Jagmeet Singh has come at a time when cases of violence, arson have been registered in many states on the occasion of Ram Navami in India.

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Before Canadian leader Jagmeet Singh, US Representative Ilhan Omar also accused the Biden administration of avoiding criticism over the human rights violations of the Narendra Modi government.

Last week, in front of a committee of the US Parliament, Ilhan Omar alleged that a long campaign is being run against Muslim minorities in India. She had questioned the Deputy Foreign Minister as to why the government was avoiding criticism of the Modi government.

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