Modi government’s new approach to avoid accountability, No parliament session citing Covid-19

The Narendra Modi government will not hold the winter session of Parliament. The winter session usually starts in the last days of November and ends before the year-end holidays, but now it is unlikely that half of the month of December has passed. It was already indicated that the session could be avoided in the wake of Corona virus infection. However, the decision not to call the session can be seen in association with the Modi government’s strong opposition to the Agriculture Bill.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi, in response to a letter from Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Adhir Chaudhary, has confirmed not to call a winter session. According to a letter written by him to Adhir Chaudhary, the government can start the budget session in January.

For the last 20 days, the farmers of the country have been agitating against the three agricultural laws of the Modi government. If the session is conducted in the midst of this movement, the government will have to answer the sharp questions of the opposition on this issue in the House. Not only this, any kind of protest usually gets more intense during the session. Many protests in the country are organized in a planned manner during the Parliament session, so that the issue related to the government can be asked in the House.

However, on 22 November, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had then stated that the Lok Sabha Secretariat was ready to hold a Parliament session, amidst growing cases of Covid in the national capital. He had also stated that the monsoon session was held with all precautions amidst the Covid epidemic and the standing committees of Parliament have also held regular meetings. He had then said that the government would set a date for talks with all parties on this.

But now, with only one week left for Christmas holidays to begin and no fragrance in this regard, it is certain that there will be no winter session. Now the government will convene the budget session directly at the end of January. The Modi government has kept the date of presenting the budget as the first date instead of the last day of February, so the budget session begins in the last week of January.

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