Modi government failed once again! India becomes the most corrupt country in Asia!

The people of India are at the forefront of Asia in giving bribery to get work done in government offices. Here people have to bribe in some form or the other. This information has been revealed in the report released on Wednesday by Transparency International, which works on corruption. According to this, in the Asia Pacific region, India is at the top in terms of bribery, while Japan is the least corrupt. According to this report, Cambodia is second and Indonesia is third in other countries of Asia. According to this report, one out of every five in Asia has given a relationship. However, 62 percent of the people surveyed believe that the situation will improve in the future.

According to Transparency International’s report, about 39 percent of Indians believe that they have resorted to kinship to get their work done. This rate is 37 percent in Cambodia and 30 percent in Indonesia. Let us know that in the year 2019, India was at the 80th position in 198 countries in the world of corruption. This institution gave him 41 out of 100 numbers. At the same time, China was ranked 80th, Myanmar 130th, Pakistan 120th, Nepal 113th, Bhutan 25th, Bangladesh 146th and Sri Lanka 93rd.

India slipped 2 places in the list of corrupt countries, corruption is the lowest among these countries

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Police takes the most bribe
According to the report, most of the people of the country believe that the police and local officers are at the forefront of getting married. This is about 46 percent. After this, the MPs of the country come, about which 42 percent people have kept such opinion. At the same time, 41 percent people believe that government employees and 20 percent of the judges sitting in courts are corrupt in the case of bribery.

These are the most honest countries, not bribery
Talking about the most honest countries of Asia, Maldives and Japan jointly number one in it. Only 2 per cent of the people here admitted that they had to give a bribe for some work. After this comes the number of South Korea, where about 10 percent of the people believe that they have to pay bribe to get the work done. There are fewer cases of bribery in Hong Kong and Australia. Only 40% of people in Pakistan have agreed to pay bribes.

Vote on notes a big problem
The corruption prevalent in the country has been kept in different categories. For example, 89 percent Indian government corruption remains the biggest problem. After this, 39 per cent consider bribery as a big problem, while 46 per cent consider recommendation for anything. At the same time, there are 18 per cent Indians who believe that a note is a big problem for votes. 11 per cent believed that physical exploitation to get work out is a major problem.

What percentage of Indians are ready to fight corruption
63% of Indians believed that the common man can make a significant difference in the fight against corruption. 55% of Indians said that they can stand in court all day to give evidence of corruption.

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