Mirchi Baba arrested for rape, Woman from Raisen had filed a case in Bhopal

Varagyananda Giri alias Mirchi Baba, who has been in discussion about controversial statements from time to time, is caught in the rape case. Mirchi Baba was arrested last night i.e. on July 8 from a hotel in Gwalior. A day earlier, a 28-year-old woman had filed a rape case against Baba in Bhopal’s Mahila Police Station. Mirchi Baba has the status of Naga Baba. He calls himself Mahamandaleshwar of the Panchayati Niranjani Akhara of Haridwar. Please tell that Mirchi Baba had called Union Minister Smriti Irani as ‘Mujre Wali’.

The rape case victim is a resident of Raisen. The victim had told the police in her complaint that she had been married for four years. There are no children, so came in contact with Mirchi Baba. Baba claimed to have a child by worshiping. In the name of treatment, the woman was raped by feeding her intoxicating pills. This incident of rape happened in July this year.

Mirchi Baba, who was arrested on the information of Bhopal Police Commissioner, was acted upon by the team of Additional Superintendent of Police, Gwalior Rajesh Dandotia on the basis of inputs from Bhopal Police. ASP Dandotia and his team arrested Mirchi Baba at night from Hotel Narayanan. Then handed over to Bhopal Police. Bhopal Police Commissioner had called SSP Gwalior in this regard. It is a different matter that the police has not officially confirmed this.

Had given controversial statement against Smriti Irani

Mirchi Baba had given an objectionable statement against Union Minister Smriti Irani regarding rising inflation across the country. In a video viral on social media, he is purportedly heard saying that remember when LPG was of 400, the same Smriti Irani used to dance on the street with a gas cylinder, but today when LPG is so expensive. Where has Smriti Irani gone?

Not only this, he also said in this video about the minister’s daughter that your daughter is running a beer bar in Goa and has taken a license to sell beef. I curse you as a sannyasin of India. After this statement of Mirch Baba, BJP had demanded strict action against him. Now after the woman filed a case of rape, the right stone was completed and the Bhopal Police arrested her.

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