Mika Singh slams Kangana Ranaut, says being a ‘sherni’ on Twitter is no big deal, ‘help us provide meals to needy instead’

Ever since actress Kangana Ranaut has started tweeting about the farmers agitation, the voices of protest against her are constantly increasing. Earlier, the fight which was only visible between Kangana and Diljit Dosanjh, now many more celebs have been added to it. Every big star is refuting Kangana’s statements and is advising her to be restrained on her language.

Mika Singh’s advice to Kangana

Now singer Mika Singh has also given a suggestion to Kangana Ranaut. He does not like Kangana’s rhetoric on social media. In his eyes, she should only work on her acting. Mika writes about this – Beta, what is your target, this is not understood. You are very promising, beautiful. Do acting my friend, suddenly so patriotic that too on Twitter and news channels.

In another tweet, Mika asked Kangana Ranaut to do something noble instead of this rhetoric. According to him, his team is feeding more than 5 lakh people daily. They want it to be a big deal if Kangana will feed 20 people. Mika has stressed that it is easy to become a lioness on social media, but it is difficult to do such work.

It is known that these tweets were made on behalf of Mika when Kangana Ranaut said that everyone is taking her on their target. Everyone is filing a case against her. Kangana wrote- The film mafia has filed many cases against me. Last night Javed Akhtar filed another case, the Maharashtra government is filing a case. Now the Congress of Punjab has also become a part of the gang. Looks like I’ll be made great. Now when this tweet of Kangana went viral, after that this advice was given by Mika Singh.

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