Member of Women’s Commission, Priyamvada Tomar resigns saying ‘Corruption is at peak under BJP govt’

Priyamvada Tomar, a member of the Uttar Pradesh State Commission for Women and a woman leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has resigned from her post in view of the farmers’ agitation and the massive corruption in the Yogi government of UP.

With this, Priyamvada Tomar has also left the primary membership of the BJP.

Priyamvada was a member of the State Women’s Commission as well as a BJP state executive member. She has made serious allegations against the Yogi Adityanath government of UP as well as the BJP’s style of functioning.

Priyamvada has said that corruption in the BJP government is at the peak. Atrocities against women are increasing and they are not getting justice.

Priyamvada Tomar

Priyamvada has also mentioned the Farmers’ movement in her resignation. Describing herself as the daughter of a peasant family, Priyamvada has said in her resignation that I come from a peasant family.

The way farmers have been sitting on the agitation for their rights for the last 131 days and more than 500 farmers have sacrificed their lives despite of these the government is silent.

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Attacking the Narendra Modi government at the center, Priyamvada said that Narendra Modi and the BJP government have crossed the culmination of insensitivity towards the Farmers. I am hurt by this attitude of the government.

In her resignation, Priyamvada also questioned the condition of women in UP and put the functioning of the Yogi government in the dock.

Priyamvada Tomar said that incidents of atrocities on women continue to emerge on daily basis in UP. Despite being a member of the UP State Commission for Women, she feels unable to provide justice to the oppressed women.

At the same time, she also accused the BJP organization of being anti-women and said that there is neglect of women inside the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Making serious allegations of corruption on the BJP government led by Yogi Adityanath of UP, Priyamvada said that corruption is at its peak in Uttar Pradesh.

I cannot continue in office in such a situation. I am resentfully resigning from the membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party and all posts. Along with this, I am relinquishing the post of Member of State Women’s Commission, following the moral norms.

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