Mehul Choksi, Rishi Agarwal received ‘Muft Ki Revdi’: BJP MP Varun Gandhi slams Modi Govt over loan defaulters

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Varun Gandhi has once again targeted the central government over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement ‘Muft ki Revdi’. He said on Saturday that in the last five years, loans of corrupt businessmen up to Rs 10 lakh crore were waived.

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Varun Gandhi tweeted, “The same Parliament that expects the poor to express thanks at receiving five kg grains also says bad loans of Rs 10 lakh crore of corrupt businessmen have been waived in the last five years. Who has the first right over the government treasury?”

Varun Gandhi asked this question while sharing the list of top 10 fugitive businessmen on behalf of the government in Parliament.

During a discussion in Parliament, Varun Gandhi was indirectly referring to the remark of another Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was giving freebies to 80 crore poor people during Kovid-19. Providing food grains.

New debate on PM’s statement

The Prime Minister has recently sparked a new debate by criticizing some political parties for offering them free services for electoral gains. Modi had said that it is very harmful for the development of the country.

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