Meet Deep Sidhu who hoisted Sikh flag at Red Fort and his BJP connection

Incidents of sudden violence began at the farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day in the country’s capital, Delhi. Furious farmers created a ruckus on the streets of Delhi. The police had to take action when the situation deteriorated. A section of farmers is opposing these violent incidents while farmer leaders have accused Deep Sidhu, who is considered close to BJP MP Sunny Deol, of inciting farmers and spreading violence.

It is being said that when the religious flag was hoisted at the Red Fort, then he was present there and he supported the people. Actor Deep Sidhu is strongly opposed to this matter.

Sunny was seen in election rallies
Let us tell you, Sunny Deol contested from Gurdaspur Lok Sabha seat of Punjab in the year 2019. He also won in this election. Deep Sidhu was his election campaign manager during the election days. They were often seen together, but when Deep joined the farmers movement, Sunny Deol maintained distance from him. Now old photos of both are going viral.

source: Twitter
Sunny Deol distance himself from Deep Sidhu

Now BJP MP and Bollywood actor Sunny Deol has tweeted on this. He has made it clear that his family has no connection with Deep Sidhu. Sunny’s tweet is becoming very viral. Regarding Deep Sidhu, Sunny Deol wrote in a tweet, ‘My heart is very sad to see what happened at the Red Fort today, I have already made it clear through Twitter on December 6 that me or my family has no relation with Deep Sidhu, Jai Hind.’

Many pictures of Deep Sidhu with Sunny Deol and his family are also going viral in social media. Through these pictures, many users are writing on social media that Deep Sidhu, who spoils the atmosphere at the Red Fort, is associated with the BJP and the Deol family.

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Twitter users started posting those pictures of Deep Sidhu in which he is seen with the Deol family. Users trolled Sunny Deol and wrote that now do not tell them that these photos are fake.

Some users even shared an old video of him in which he is allegedly saying that I have known Deep Sidhu since childhood. He is like my younger brother.

Claim was made in Facebook post

Deep Sidhu is accused that he encouraged the farmers to march towards the Red Fort. However, on the incident of hoisting the religious flag at the Red Fort during the Tractor Parade on the occasion of Republic Day, Sidhu on Tuesday defended the protesters’ act saying that they did not remove the national flag and had imposed ‘Nishan Sahib’ only as a symbolic protest.

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