Medical student from Haryana refuses to leave Ukraine, says will take care of house owner’s kids as he joins war

Medical student from Haryana refuses to leave Ukraine: Thousands of Indian students are stranded in different parts of Ukraine in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The Indian government is making efforts to get them out safely. Indian children are also trying to leave Ukraine as soon as possible, but Neha, a 17-year-old girl from Haryana, who is studying medicine in Ukraine, has refused to come back to India. Neha, who is living with a Ukrainian family as a paying guest, has decided to stay with that family in difficult times.

Neha decided to be together in difficult times
According to the news of The Tribune, the owner of the house where Neha is staying as a paying guest has voluntarily joined the Ukrainian army to serve his country in the ongoing war with Russia. In such a situation, Neha has refused to return to India to take care of the soldier’s three children and his wife. Neha, the daughter of a teacher living in Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, has told her mother that, whether I live or not, I will not leave these children and their mother in such a situation.

Neha was living on rent with family
Neha’s father was in the army, a few years ago he passed away. Last year Neha had enrolled in a medical college in Ukraine. At present, 17-year-old Neha, who hails from Haryana, is living in a bunker with her house honour’s wife and her three children. In a conversation at home, Neha said that, we keep hearing the sound of explosions outside, but we are fine so far. Neha, an MBBS student, had rented a room in the house of a construction engineer in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, as she could not get a hostel.

Neha’s mother’s close friend Savita Jakhar said, ‘Neha has become attached to the children of the owner of the house. Neha was advised to leave the country due to the war. Neha’s mother had arranged for her daughter. Neha got a chance to move to Romania, but she decided to stay with the family at this critical juncture and refused to leave their side. Savita is a teacher from the village of Jhanswa in Jhajjar district of Haryana, now a French citizen who currently lives in Copenhagen Denmark.

Neha’s mother’s friend shared this story
Savita wrote on Facebook that, it is four o’clock in the morning, there is a strange restlessness, could not sleep the whole night. The 17-year-old daughter of a very close friend is stuck in Kiev, went to do Bachelor. There was no space in the hostel, so used to rent a room with a lovely family with three kids. The day before the father of the children joined the army, the mother is in a bunker with three children. My friend’s daughter is also with him. My friend tried to get her out of the Embassy by contacting with great difficulty, but the girl does not want to leave the three children and their mother alone in such a difficult time and come back.

Medical student from Haryana refuses to leave Ukraine

Neha is more concerned about the mother of those children than her mother.
Savita further wrote that, despite mother’s lakhs of efforts, the girl is adamant on staying there till the end of the war. I am wondering what is it that is giving that girl the courage to stand by that family even in such difficult times? She knows that in such a situation her life could also be in danger, but she cares more about the lives of those three little children than her own life… she is more concerned about the mother who is alone with her children than her own mother !

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