Mayawati blames Muslims for BJP’s return to power in UP, says – BSP supporters feared ‘jungle raj’ if SP returned

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) national president Mayawati has blamed the Samajwadi Party (SP) for the historic defeat in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. While holding a press conference on Friday, Mayawati said, ‘It was made a narrative that only SP can stop the BJP, due to which the vote of all Muslims was shifted to the Samajwadi Party.’

BSP national president Mayawati said, ‘BSP trusted SP, it was our biggest mistake. It is a matter of satisfaction that the vote of my community especially stood with me like a rock. The more I express my gratitude to them, the lesser I am, the results would have been miraculous if the vote of the Muslim community had been with the Dalits.

After the defeat, Mayawati said, “Manuwadi(castiest) media made a narrative that only SP can stop BJP. Due to this the Muslim completely shifted there(SP). I again say that the entire Muslim vote has gone to the SP, in view of which the votes of other Dalits and Hindus have gone to the BJP, fearing the ‘jungle raj’ will return to UP again if SP is elected to power. That is why these communities went to the BJP.”

BSP’s national president Mayawati said, ‘The unilateral shift of Muslim votes in SP is the biggest reason for our defeat, people have have compared our defeat with the defeat of Congress in 1977 elections, but the way Congress stood up, BSP will also rise up in the same way.”

In fact, 38 years ago, the BSP, formed in 1984, has reached one seat by the time it comes to the 2022 elections. The BSP which formed the government in Uttar Pradesh in 2007 with a huge majority, the same BSP has reduced to one MLA in 10 years. In the 2022 elections, only one MLA (Umashankar Singh from Rasra) has won.

From 1993, the BSP started winning 65 to 70 seats in the Legislative Assembly elections. In 2002, the vote share of the BSP, which formed the government with the BJP, crossed 23 per cent. In 2007, the BSP got the highest 40.43 percent votes and formed the government on its own. By 2022, the BSP was reduced to just 13 percent.

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