Mass Shooting: Indiscriminate firing after family feud in Montenegro, 12 killed and six injured

An incident of indiscriminate firing has come to light in Montenegro on Friday. According to local media reports here, 12 people, including a gunman, were killed while six others were injured. Police at the scene in the western Montenegrin city of Cetinje declined to comment on the incident.

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Media reports said a man from Cetinje randomly opened fire on street people, including children, after a family dispute, killing 12 people and injuring six others. The man was later shot by the police.

Montenegro Mass shooting

Reports said that a police officer was also among the injured. Police still haven’t released an official statement about the attack but have closed the site. Also told that four injured have been sent to a hospital in Cetinje for treatment. While two other seriously injured have been sent to a hospital in the capital Podgorica.

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