Mass shooting in British Columbia, Canada, reports of several people killed

Several people have been killed in a mass shooting in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Reuters has given this news quoting the police. Police had earlier issued an emergency alert for multiple shootings in downtown Langley and asked residents to remain alert and stay away from the area.

Multiple shooting incidents in the city of Langley, Vancouver
Canadian police said on Monday that several shootings had been reported in the city of Langley in Metro Vancouver and a suspect had been taken into custody. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said there had been incidents of shootings in the busy Langley area, and a shooting incident was also reported in Langley Township.

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On Monday, police issued an alert in the area at 6.30 pm, advising people to avoid going to the area concerned. The police closed a large part of the road leading to the busy city area. Police later issued another alert saying one suspect was in custody. Police also said that it is being ascertained whether only one person was involved in the incident or some other persons were with him.

Mass shooting in British Columbia

Two killed, five injured in shooting at Los Angeles Park
Amidst increasing incidents of shootings in America, the latest case of Los Angeles has come to the fore. Two persons were killed and five others were injured in a shootout between two groups at a park here. According to the New York Post report, the shooting happened during an ongoing car show at Peck Park in San Pedro. The fire department said in an alert that 4 men and 3 women were taken to regional hospitals after shots were fired inside the park. Out of these seven people, two people died during treatment.

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