Mark Zuckerberg suffered huge losses due to Facebook shutdown, lost $ 6.11 billion in a few hours

The services of popular social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in the country and the world were disrupted for a few hours late in the night. Due to this, Facebook’s shares fell sharply and the net worth of the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg decreased by $ 6.11 billion (Rs 45,555 crore) in one day.

Let us tell you that Mark Zuckerberg has slipped one place to number five in the list of the world’s richest man. In fact, according to the latest report of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Zuckerberg’s net worth has fallen by $ 6.11 billion to $ 122 billion due to the fall in Facebook’s shares.

A few days ago, he had reached number four in the list of the rich people with a net worth of $ 140 billion. But, now Mark Zuckerberg is again behind Bill Gates. Bill Gates is at number four on this list with a net worth of $124 billion. Significantly, Facebook shares fell 4.9 percent on Monday. In this way, the company’s stock has fallen about 15 percent since mid-September.

All three sites were down at around 9.15 pm

Significantly, the service of Facebook and its affiliate companies Instagram and WhatsApp was disrupted for several hours late on Monday night. All the three social networking sites, which came to a standstill at around 9.15 pm, have started functioning again at 4 am today.

But its speed is very slow at the moment. After the service was restored, Facebook tweeted that we are sorry for the people and businesses around the world that depend on us. We are working hard to fully restore our apps and services.

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