Manoj Muntashir ran away when RJD social media convenor started roasting during a Twitter battle

Lyricist Manoj Muntashir was roasted by the social media conveyor of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). The controversy escalated after Manoj’s tweet on the decision to remove Mughal, Cold War and Urdu poetry of Faiz from the CBSE syllabus. Saying ‘child of such a child is never true’, Manoj was accused of spewing venom by Tejashwi Yadav’s close friend. After the remarks on Brahmins, the matter escalated so much that in response, Manoj called the RJD media convenor even a two penny illiterate man.

Actually, lyricist Manoj Muntashir posted a picture on Twitter on Saturday. It was written in the caption of the photo that in view of the additional burden being placed on the students, CBSE has removed some ghazals of Mughal, Coldwar, Urdu Poem of Faiz from the syllabus. With this picture, Manoj wrote, “Keep throwing stones at us with a left-handed hobby, we will continue to fight for our share and keep winning. Congratulations friends, our children are getting freedom from Mughli ghutti. This is a long battle, stay together!”

In response to this tweet of Manoj, RJD media convenor Akash promptly pointed toward Manoj’s hypocrisy who he said on one hand promotes hatred for Mughals and Urdu but on the other hand, uses an Urdu surname “Muntashir” over his Brahmin surname Shukla to attract social media following.

Manoj took offense to Aakash’s tweet which he said was labeling Brahmins as born beggers. Subsequently, he listed some famous Brahmin personalities over the ages along with some powerful Brahmanical Kingdoms and empires.

Manoj did not stop here, after some time in another tweet, Manoj also lamented over the lack of any law to punish the abusers of Brahmins and upper castes in India.

RJD’s Convenor Akash also responded to Muntashir’s reply. He wrote, “Almost all the names on the list were proud to be human beings.The freedom fighter Chandrashekhar ji was ‘Azad’, he was tied in the caste bond by a fool like Manoj Shukla, who himself is nurtured on the title of the Mughals. For your agenda, you adopted the policy of ‘divide and rule’ like the British.”

After this the RJD convenor left no stone unturned in order to humiliate Manoj Muntashir. In a separate tweet, RJD convenor wrote, “What did you think, Shukla? He is a child, will run away in fear? This is not the era of Manuvidhan, but of the Constitution. Will bring down both, your caste pride and ego”

RJD social media convenor roasts Manoj Muntashir

Aakash made another tweet, “Shukla Ji(Manoj Muntashir), those who check their manhood with the flow of urine, often pees in their pants. The 50 lakh followers you are taking pride of are not your father’s pet dogs, who will bark at your behest. They are human beings and they had followed a poet, not an illiterate bigot!”

RJD social media convenor roasts Manoj Muntashir

Manoj couldn’t take the brunt of this brutal trolling from RJD’s social media convenor and eventually he had to block him l. But it seems even blocking didn’t help him from getting roasted by Aakash.

Taking a dig at Manoj Muntashir, RJD leader said, “In order to ruin me, he has given me the virtual curse(blocked). Pray for me. This was expected from a handful of Savarkar devotees of the RSS, a Chitpavan-Brahmin organization.”

“Don’t run @manojmuntashir shukla! We have often been forgiving 99 offenses of Shishupals. Blocking won’t save your nappies. We are socialist people. Apologize, I’ll forgive. Apologizing does not reduce your respect, your name will be counted in Savarkar, BJP will sing your praises for centuries,” Aakash tweeted.

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