Manish Kashyap Breaks Down in Tears as Police Arrest Him – Video Goes Viral

Manish Kashyap, a controversial YouTuber, is currently in the custody of Bihar Police after surrendering at Jagdishpur police station on March 18. On Sunday, a video surfaced on social media showing Kashyap seated in a police vehicle with teary eyes while his supporters can be heard expressing their determination to fight together.

The video featuring Manish Kashyap has gone viral on social media, revealing a poignant moment when one of his supporters shook hands with him through the window of a police vehicle, causing tears to well up in Manish Kashyap’s eyes and emotional response. In the video, the supporter encouraged Manish to stay strong and said they will fight together. Additionally, the supporter requested the policemen to ensure that Manish is well-fed and hydrated.

Significantly, after arresting Manish Kashyap from West Champaran, the Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) had brought him to Patna on Saturday. Here he was interrogated thoroughly. After this, he was presented in the court on Sunday, from where Kashyap has been sent to judicial custody till March 22.

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There is also a possibility that soon the Tamil Nadu police will interrogate him by taking him on transit remand. In Tamil Nadu, cases have been registered against Manish Kashyap alias Tripurari Tiwari for spreading fake videos of Bihar laborers being beaten up on social media including YouTube.

Home state Bihar has 14 cases on the YouTuber and Tamil Nadu has 13 cases. Despite repeated attempts by EOU, Kashyap was not appearing. After this, an arrest warrant was issued against the accused. Police and EOU teams continuously raided the possible hideouts of the accused, but still he did not appear.

Significantly, Manish Kashyap has been accused of sharing fake videos regarding the alleged attack against Bihari laborers living in Tamil Nadu and they are not being allowed to work. These videos stirred up controversy in Bihar. However, in the investigation, the videos were found to be fake, after which many cases were registered against Manish Kashyap and several others for spreading fake news.