Man beaten up by mob for kissing his wife during bathing in Ramnagari Ayodhya

Man beaten up by mob for kissing his wife: On Tuesday, a man kissed his wife while bathing on Ram’s Paidi in Ramnagari Ayodhya. People objected saying such activities will not go here. After this, there was an argument. The matter escalated so much that people beat the person fiercely. During this time the wife kept pleading for mercy, but people kept beating the husband.

Husband kissed wife during bathing
According to the information, on Tuesday, husband and wife came to Ayodhya to bathe at Ram’s Pauri. The husband kissed his wife during the bath. Seeing this, the people present there beat him up. Two videos related to the incident have surfaced. In one video, husband and wife are seen kissing, while the husband is being beaten up in the second video.

People kept beating husband for 20 minutes
According to the video, two to three people caught her husband and beat her for about 20 minutes. During this time, the wife kept crying to get rid of her husband, but no one listened to her. The beating has caused many hurts on the husband’s body.

Man beaten up by mob for kissing his wife

People keep making videos
Let us tell you that the person continued to be beaten up publicly and others present there kept making videos of the incident. Some people said that their family members were also present there, that is the reason they did not tolerate the obscenity of husband and wife. People objected saying such indecency should not be done in public places.

Video being told a week old
It is being told that this video is a week old. No complaint has been received in this case yet. In this case, the police is currently avoiding saying anything in front of the camera.

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