Mahua Moitra unfollowed TMC’s Twitter handle, party had distanced itself from her remarks on goddess Kali

West Bengal’s Krishnanagar MP Mahua Moitra has unfollowed the Twitter handle of her party Trinamool Congress (TMC). Actually, Moitra had given a statement on Maa Kali. After this the party distanced itself from her statement. However, Mahua Moitra is currently following West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee.

Actually, the controversy regarding the poster of the documentary film ‘Kali’ continues. In this, Maa Kali was shown smoking a cigarette. Along with this, a colorful flag of the LGBT community is also visible in one of her hands. This documentary film is by filmmaker Leena Manimekalai. Mahua Moitra had given her opinion on this controversy in India Today Conclave East 2022.

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Moitra had said, “How do you see your God. If you go to Bhutan and Sikkim, then whiskey is offered to God in the morning worship, but if you give this to someone in Uttar Pradesh, then his feeling can be hurt. For me Goddess Kali is in the form of a meat-eater and a wine-drinker. There are many forms of Goddess Kali.”

At the same time, when the opposition to this statement of Mahua increased, TMC sidelined itself. The party has said that Mahua Moitra’s remarks on Goddess Kali are her personal views. The party does not support this. All India Trinamool Congress strongly condemns such comments.

At the same time, Mahua Moitra had also clarified when the controversy escalated. She said, “To all you sanghis- lying will NOT make you better hindus. I NEVER backed any film or poster or mentioned the word smoking. Suggest you visit my Maa Kali in Tarapith to see what food & drink is offered as bhog. Joy Ma Tara.”

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