Mahua Moitra Takes On Adani, Writes Letter To ED, SEBI, Income Tax Demanding Probe Into Adani Group’s Sudden Share Price Hike

Trinamool Congress MP and former management expert Mahua Moitra has opened a front against the Adani Group. Indirectly it is also an attack on the government.

Mahua Moitra has questioned the extraordinary jump in the shares of Adani’s companies, foreign funds in them, foreign investors who brought this money and the original source of this money and demanded that the Income Tax Department, SEBI and ED should be informed about this. The matter should be investigated.

It’s an attack on Modi
Apart from these departments, Mahua Moitra has made this demand by writing a letter to the Finance Minister and Revenue Secretary. On Tuesday, she shared this letter with her tweet. Mahua tweeted ‘ “Modi hai to mumkin hai” 137 crores of promoter purchase increases market cap by 20,000 crores in 2 days. Time for SEBI, IT, ED to take a proper look and explain – have written to all concerned. ‘ It is clear that the matter is not limited to Adani or scam only.

Although her tweet came after the stock market was closed on Tuesday, but reading the letter, it is clear that her eyes are not only on Wednesday’s market but also on the politics of the coming days.

Copies of the letter have also been sent to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman, Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj, SEBI Chairman Ajay Tyagi and Director of Enforcement Directorate. Obviously, this letter sent by an MP cannot be ignored, has to be replied, action will have to be taken or clarification has to be given.

Mahua Moitra did not stop here. The next day i.e. on Wednesday morning, she said in another tweet that no Indian citizen can invest in the country through foreign companies. She also raised the issue that while it is unfair to minority shareholders, Adani group is misusing the facilities available to mega cap companies.

In this letter, she has referred to several reports published in the media and raised the question that six foreign FPIs i.e. foreign investors investing Rs 42,000 crore in Adani companies are operating from the same address in Mauritius. Their secretary, management company and director are also the same.

Some other such allegations are also cited. In this letter, it has been said that in this case there is sufficient ground to investigate the allegations of PMLA, Black Money Prevention Act, Benami Transactions Act, FEMA and Indian stock market manipulation.

Not only this, there is also a case of transactions as minority shareholders by hiding the identities of some of the promoters of the company. She has asked all the authorities to whom she has written letter to go to the bottom of this matter and expose the truth.

8 thoughts on “Mahua Moitra Takes On Adani, Writes Letter To ED, SEBI, Income Tax Demanding Probe Into Adani Group’s Sudden Share Price Hike

  1. She is correct in her observation and hope her letter gets a timely and proper reply, which is highly unlikely. All institutions are silent spectators to the looting of public wealth into the hands of the corporates.

  2. Kudos mam. We commoners struggle it out despite paying taxes, and here are these so called blokes, squeezing us and making money. They deserve to be brought to books.

  3. It is a big scam anybody can see. But nothing will happen. Adani may be given an award also by Modi. Many beleives Modi is an avtar. Avtar giving a award to Adani. So Adani can not be bad and will also not involve himself in scam. Andh Bakht wiil beleive and IT cell will take care of the publicity and Modi will win next election by more seats.

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