Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara speak out against the emergency imposed by Sri Lankan govt

The situation in Sri Lanka is bad due to the economic crisis. Inflation has reached its peak. Due to this, riots are taking place in many places in the country. People are becoming increasingly vocal against the government. Cricketers have also joined them. Former Sri Lanka captain and IPL team Mumbai Indians coach Mahela Jayawardene has said that some people controlling the country’s economy have lost public trust. Such people should resign.

On the other hand the legendary Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara also shared his views. He expressed his solidarity with the people of the country. Sangakkara said in a long post on social media that it is heart breaking for people to see their despair and their struggle. He urged the Sri Lankan government to take a decision in the interest of the country and its people amid protests across the country. The former captain of the Sri Lankan cricket team also said that the government should act expeditiously to protect the future of Sri Lanka.

This is not the time to destroy the country: Jayawardene
Jayawardene shared his statement on Twitter. He said that these problems are man-made and can be rectified by qualified people. “We need a good team to give confidence to the country. This is not the time to ruin the country. Not a time to make excuses but to do the right thing and be humble,” said Jayawardene.

‘Sad to see the emergency and curfew’
Jayawardene said, “I am sad to see emergency law and curfew in Sri Lanka. The government cannot ignore the needs of the people who have every right to protest. Detaining people who do is not acceptable and I am very proud of the brave Sri Lankan lawyers who rushed to their defence.”

In Sri Lanka, the prices of essential goods have increased by 30 to 40 percent. According to reports, with the increase in prices, the price of pulses in the wholesale market has increased to Rs 375-380 per kg. There has been a similar increase in the prices of sugar, rice and vegetable spices. The prices of imported rice have remained in the range of Rs 130 to 160 per kg.

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