Madhya Pradesh Horror: 13-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped Thrice By 9 Men in Less than 24 Hours

A heartbreaking case has come to light in Umaria in Madhya Pradesh. Here 9 people of a 13-year-old girl were raped continuously for 3 days (Umaria Gangrape). The first two people gangraped and then in turn the other kept hunting him. The child took advantage of whoever asked for help. When the teenager reached the police station with his family, he told the situation, he was shocked even by the police. Police arrested 7 accused and sent them to jail.

13-Year-Old Girl

According to the police, the 13-Year-Old Girl’s father works in a government job in Jabalpur. She studies there with her father. This 9th student came to mother Umaria in lockdown. The girl went to Kishori Nagar Sabzi Mandi on the afternoon of 11 January. During this, he got two accused Rahul Kushwaha and Akash Singh here. Both took him to a shop and lured him to a mobile number and then took him along on the bike under the pretext of turning.

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Fastened to the dhaba and then raped in turn
Both the accused Rahul Kushwaha and Akash Singh reached the forest of Bharaula-Chhatan along with the city. Here, they threatened and raped the child. After this, she was taken to the dhaba on NH 43 shore. They kept her hostage there at night. Here, apart from the accused Akash and Rahul, dhaba operator Paras Soni and colleagues Manu Kewat, Omkar Rai, Itendra Singh and Rajneesh Chaudhary raped her. After this, both the accused also took her to the forest of Chhatan Basti, where she pleaded with them.

Took advantage and raped the 13-Year-Old Girl
According to the police, on the second day of the rape, on the morning of January 12, the girl pleaded with the accused to send her to the eldest father. The accused along with truck driver Rohit Yadav made her sit in the truck. On the way, this truck driver also raped the girl. She was later released at the toll point near Vilayat Kala-Barwara. Here the girl again asked for a lift from the truck driver to come back to Umaria. Taking advantage of the helplessness of the girl, the truck driver also raped the girl. Later, the truck driver dropped her Umaria and ran away.

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