“Made mistake by coming for the interview”: Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik expresses anger over anchor Sushant Sinha

An interview of Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik, who has been vocal against the three agricultural laws, is becoming quite viral these days. Malik, who opened a front against the Modi government in support of the farmers’ movement, got angry at the anchor in an interview. Satya Pal Malik was speaking on the issue of farmers on Times Now Navbharat. When anchor Sushant Singh asked the question of instigating the farmers, Malik got angry. He told the anchor that he made a mistake by coming for the interview. You don’t even have the tone of talking to the governor.

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Satyapal Malik said- “I don’t know what you are doing… for what you are doing this interview, you want to charge something against me… think whatever you want to think”. After this, the anchor asked Malik questions about the post of governor and his resignation. On which Satpal Malik got furious and he said- “The post of governor is never important for me. I can leave anytime. The governor’s post does not come anywhere in this”.

After this, when the anchor directly questioned him about his resignation, Governor Satya Pal Malik said, “I made a big mistake by giving you the interview. You shouldn’t have talked like this. Why should I leave the post of Governor, who made me, if he will say… I have nothing to do with your decency…whatever the public have in their mind, they should. The Prime Minister-President had made me Governor, if they hint of my resignation, I will quit the next minute.”

Further, when it came to MSP and farm laws, Satyapal Malik left the interview midway, questioning the anchor’s attitude. He said the, “I have to go somewhere, I am not very happy with your attitude. I gave you the time by mistake. After this, he also told his staff that a mistake has been made, never give it or call it in future. Let us tell you that earlier Satya Pal Malik had said in a program that if the government had not withdrawn the agricultural laws, then their condition would have been like Indira Gandhi and General Dyer.

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