Love Jihad: Walking home with friend after birthday party, Muslim youth booked under ‘love jihad’ law

A 16-year-old girl was on her way back to her home from another friend’s birthday party with her Dalit friend and her former Muslim classmate at around 10.30 pm on December 14 in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. During this time a group of men reportedly chased these people. After questioning them about their religions, they beat the girl and her friends with sticks. When a group of those alleged men became clear that they belong to different religions, they sent all these people to the local police station. After which the girl’s Muslim friend was booked under love jihad law and arrested. Now the girl and her father’s side have come to the fore on this whole matter.

The girl said- I was coming with friends on my own free will

According to the Indian Express, the 16-year-old girl said, “I told the magistrate earlier and I am again saying that those people (who were following) were having trouble walking me with my friend. They made my video and is now giving it the name of Love Jihad. I have not done anything wrong. I went to my friends on my own free will. ”

Father refused to register an FIR

The media report first revealed that the girl’s father had filed a case against her Muslim friend under religious conversion, SC / ST Act, and POCSO Act. The FIR, allegedly filed on the complaint of the girl’s father, states that the accused “befriended the girl with the intention of marrying her and motivated her to come together”.

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However, the girl’s father has now denied her complaint, alleging that the police had recorded the statement of the girl’s father.

Girl’s father said – Complete trust in daughter should not be part of politics

Speaking to The Indian Express, the girl’s father said, “I have full faith in my daughter.” What did she do wrong? Why should it be made part of politics? Is it illegal now for a boy and a girl to walk together?

What is the side of the police on the whole matter?

According to the report, the girl’s friend is now in Bijnor’s jail. Police claim that the youth is 18 years old. While her family members have said that the girl is 17 years old.

In this case, where the FIR was registered, it is Dhampur police post. Arun Kumar, the station house officer of Dhampur has said, “The accused youth is in judicial custody. If he is a minor, they (family) will have to provide documents to show that. We have imposed appropriate clauses in this case based on the complaint of the girl’s father. ”

The girl’s father accused the administration of politicizing the incident

Blaming the local chieftain for the politicization of the incident, the girl’s father said, “This is all politics. They made a video of my daughter and falsely claimed that this is a case of love jihad. I have been the pradhan before and was planning to fight for re-election. But now they have embarrassed my daughter in the village so that I cannot contest the election. ”

Denying the father’s allegations, the village head said, “When this matter came to my notice, I was with the girl’s father.” I have helped him register an FIR. You remember that he was defeated in the election of Pradhan.

What did the family of the arrested youth say?

A few kilometers from the girl’s house, the arrested youth has a one-room brick house where the young man lives with his family. He has four siblings and his mother. The young man’s mother said, I just want to see my son again. The police have registered a false case against him. The young man’s father died of heart disease a year ago.

The young man’s elder brother works as a farm laborer. While another works as a tailor in Dehradun. The family claims that the youth, who did not attend school after class 3, is a minor, but there is no document to prove it.

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