Love Jihad: Muslim Man Converts, Marries A Hindu In Haryana, Given Police Protection

While the Haryana government is thinking of bringing a new law to stop the love jihad, a Muslim boy in Yamunanagar district changed his religion to marry a Hindu girl. He has adopted Hinduism.

The boy changed his name before marrying the girl in the temple according to Hindu customs. The girl is 19 years old and the boy is 21 years old. Both are under the protection of Yamunanagar Police after the intervention of Punjab and Haryana High Court. He told the court that he was in danger of life.

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The boy works in a private company and earns about 15,000 rupees every month. He said that his parents were ready to accept their relationship, but the girl’s family and relatives were against it.

They got married on 9 November
On November 9, they married against the wishes of the girl’s parents. He alleged that the girl’s family threatened them when they came to know about their marriage.

Reached the high court when threatened
Then both of them approached the High Court. He said that opposition to their marriage is against their rights provided under Article 21 of the Constitution. Couple claimed that the girl’s relatives are saying that they will kill us whenever they get a chance. During the hearing on 11 November, the girl’s family lawyer said that her family once wanted to meet them. However, they refused. After hearing the case, the High Court ordered an inquiry from the SP of Yamunanagar.

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