‘Lost more than 5 lakh followers in a week’: Kangana Ranaut upset with her dwindling fan base, blames ‘smear campaign’

Actress Kangana Ranaut is often active on social media and keeps her point of view on every small and big issue. Kangana has once again expressed her anger on social media. Kangana is upset with her dwindling fan base on Instagram and the negative campaign running against her on social media.

Expressing her anger on Twitter, she wrote, ‘In the last one week, my Instagram has reduced 5 lakh followers. This is an Mafia racket. They plot against you, Boycott. Your image and brand deteriorate as they hit Sushant, similarly has the outsiders and does not let them work. ‘

Kangana Ranaut claims:

Kangana also claims that her team has identified the person who is running such a campaign against her. According to media reports, Kangana’s Instagram account has reduced 5 lakh followers recently. Kangana is also alleging that all this is happening under a well thought out plan.

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Kangana Ranaut, fiercely angry on social media, said, ‘I will soon expose the person who conspired.

In a recent tweet, Kangana has said in a threatening tone, ‘I know who is behind the social media campaign that defames me, he is a teased lover who pretends to be in a high profile relationship. I had also been in a relationship with this person for some time. ”Kangana writes further that she will expose this man with all the evidence, just wait a little bit for this. Now which celeb Kangana is targeting, will be revealed in the coming times only.

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