“Log Apni Aisi-Taisi Karaye, Modi Achha kaam kar rahe hain”: Baba Ramdev to people questioning about inflation

Baba Ramdev often remains in discussions about his statements. Before 2014, Baba Ramdev used to make a lot of rhetoric against inflation and now people take a jibe at his silence against inflation. When questions are asked to Ramdev on inflation, he gets angry at those who ask such questions. Now Baba Ramdev has responded to the people trolling him on the meeting with the Prime Minister.

In a program organized on the completion of eight years of the Modi government on India TV news channel, Ramdev said, “Today I speak less on political subjects. If I talk about the good works of the government, people will say that the spokesperson of Modi ji is speaking. I am neither the spokesperson of BJP nor Modi but good work has been done in the country. It used to take me six hours to reach Delhi from Haridwar, today people are reaching Delhi in three hours.”

Baba Ramdev said, “Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country who does yoga, also gives glory to yoga and culture. The whole country knows that he also does yoga and does karma yoga for 18 hours. He has also made the country proud. We asked PM Modi to give permission to the Indian Board of Education, which should work for values ​​based education by connecting Yoga and Adhyatma with education. He accepted my point and made a new education policy.”

Talking about his recent meeting with PM Modi the Yoga Guru said, “Recently, when I met him and shared the picture of the meeting on social media and said that I felt proud to meet Detulya, a national sage, people trolled me. Let people say whatever they wish Modi is doing a good job.”

He further said “If not laugh then should I cry? People trolled me on this, is there any such protocol to not laugh together with Prime Minister Modi?”

Let us inform that Baba Ramdev had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past and shared the picture of the meeting on social media, in which he was laughing. On social media, people started asking questions about the rising prices of petrol, diesel and rising inflation. People trolled Baba Ramdev a lot on Twitter. Here Baba Ramdev was referring to the same tweet.

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