‘Let’s do better parenting please’: Ashwin on Imran Khan’s controversial remark linking rapes to women’s dressing

Rape and sexual abuse are on the rise in Pakistan. Imran Khan blamed ‘obscenity’ and woman’ clothing for this . Ravichandran Ashwin is very angry with that comment. He directly slammed the Prime Minister of Pakistan through Twitter.

In a Q&A session on Sunday, one of the person asked Imran what he is doing against the increase in rape and sexual abuse of women in the country, especially children. To which Imran Khan replied that obscenity is responsible for this. He blamed women’s clothing for the rape, saying “not all men can control themselves.” He also called it a fragmentary event.

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Like most people, Ashwin could not accept Imran’s answer. He tweeted, “Let’s do better parenting please. What we do today will determine our future. ” Ashwin has garnered support from fans to cricket fans who have condemned Imran’s remarks. Among them is Imran’s ex-wife Jemaima Goldsmith.

Imran Khan also mentions England, where the culture of ‘drugs, parties and sex’ is very prevalent. Official statistics in Pakistan have revealed that at least 11 rape incidents are reported in the country every day, with over 22,000 cases reported to the police in the last six years. However, only 77 of the accused have been convicted which comprises 0.3 per cent of the total figure, Geo News had reported.

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