“You have become PM of Adani and Ambani”; Punjab lawyer writes in his suicide note, committed suicide

Ticker border of Delhi. Here, on December 27, a lawyer, living in Fazilka district of Punjab, unhappy with the policies and attitude of the government committed suicide by drinking poison. Lawyer’s name is Amarjeet Singh. He was taken to Rohtak PGI, where doctors declared him dead.

An alleged suicide note of Amarjeet Singh has also emerged on this occasion. The title of this letter is: Letter to the dictator Modi.

“The people of India gave you absolute majority, strength and trust so that you make their lives prosperous. After independence, people were expecting a better future as a Prime Minister. But it is very sad that I have to write that you have become the Prime Minister of Ambani and Adani. Farmers and laborers are feeling cheated by your three agricultural laws. People have descended on the streets not for votes, but for their families and generations. “

Lawyer Amarjeet Singh further wrote,

For some capitalists, do not force people to eat sulfas by snatching their food from the people. You duped the people socially and politically you duped your allies like Shiromani Akali Dal.
Listen. People’s voice is the voice of God. It is said that you want sacrifices like Godhra, then I am sacrificing in support of this worldwide protest so that your dumb deaf consciousness can awaken. ”

India Today reports that the police are verifying this alleged suicide note written on 1lDecember 18. The police have also said that information has been given to the relatives of the deceased lawyer.

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