Late Brigadier LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account after BJP supporters trolled on her political views

LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account: Brigadier LS Lidder, who lost his life in a helicopter crash on December 8 in Tamil Nadu, was cremated at the Berar Square crematorium in Delhi on Friday, 10 December. Everyone saw the emotional pictures of the Brigadier’s wife and daughter.

While the nation was paying tribute to Brigadier LS Lidder with moist eyes, people with right-wing ideology were reportedly trolling his daughter on social media. Aashna Lidder, daughter of Brigadier, has deactivated her Twitter account after being trolled on social media as she liked many tweets of Congress and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

A screenshot of a Twitter thread doing rounds on the microblogging has two BJP supporters talking about how “military kids can end being woke”. One guy replies, “Mr Lidder’s daughter is woke too, just checked her profile.”

LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account

NDTV journalist Arvind Gunasekhar tweeted a screenshot of a deactivated profile named Aashna Lidder. He wrote, “This is what right wing/ hate groups achieved today. Aashna Lidder has deactivated her account.”

LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account

After the deactivation of the Twitter account, many things are happening on Twitter. Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi tweeted, “17 year old, grieving yet holding strong, has just cremated her father, a decorated army officer, is being trolled for her views, they want to moderate her woke-ism, military train compulsorily, want her to be corrected. In the process got her to delete her account. How low will you go?”

Filmmaker and writer Vinod Kapri tweeted, “The 16 year old #आशना who lost her father 2 days ago who gave fire to her father’s pyre today. IT CELL harassed that girl so much that she had to deactivate her Twitter handle. Reason- In the previous tweets, Aashna had expressed concern over the situation in the country and liked the tweets of the opposition leaders. This is a disgusting new India.”

LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account

Recently, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi was taken into custody by the UP police on her way to Lakhimpur Kheri. She was seen sweeping the place where Priyanka was kept. When a response was sought from UP CM Yogi Adityanath on her video, he had said that the public want to make her capable of doing such tasks.”

LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account

On this the Brigadier’s daughter wrote, “Woke up to watching Yogi Adityanath undermine the opposition. I get it. This is politics. But it is absolutely cheap and not okay to say things like ‘she is only capable of sweeping floor. I mean, wow. Toothless tiger doesn’t stop roaring, truly. Yogi, reduce the turmoil in UP first.”

LS Lidder’s daughter deleted Twitter Account

Another Twitter user wrote, “Aashna Lidder opposes BJP and leans towards INC on an ideological level as she believes in freedom, progressiveness, and inclusiveness. She should be respectfully asked if she wants to join politics after time heals her wounds. India needs people like her.”

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