Lallantop’s self-proclaimed neutral journalist Saurabh Dwivedi’s old filthy tweets for Rahul Gandhi go viral, gets trolled

Along with Godi Media, there are such editors and journalists sitting inside the websites, whose black and white story comes to the fore sooner or later. Website and YouTube channel editor Saurabh Dwivedi is currently in discussion. Like the name of the website, Saurabh is no less a ‘Lallantop’ man. He is spreading his charm to make numbers in front of Modi while exposing his hatred for Rahul Gandhi.

Some tweets of self-styled godman Saurabh Dwivedi are going viral on social media. In which he has made personal remarks about Rahul Gandhi. These tweets of Saurabh are from 2014-15, the second year of Narendra Modi’s government formation. It can be said that these tweets were made to become a blue eye for the Prime Minister.

In the tweet that is going viral, Saurabh wrote, “Rahul has been performing in Bangkok for two months. Does anyone still doubt his maturity and capability?” In another tweet, he wrote, “Jija Ji, ask Rahul Bangkok Gandhi and tell in what spirit the investigation should be done. However, you will be grilled.”

Similarly, while retweeting a tweet of the Indian Youth Congress, Saurabh wrote, “Not ‘ke’ it’s ‘ki’. Correct gender defect Team Pappu Ji”. The office of Rahul Gandhi has also been tagged.

Not one but many tweets of Lallantop Dwivedi, who became the new editor of a well-known magazine like India Today, are going viral. In which he has mocked Rahul Gandhi. Now even an eyeless person will know who these tweets were fired to please.

Journalist Apoorva Bhardwaj has exposed Saurabh Dwivedi by making a whole series of tweets. He wrote, “Writing the truth of Lallantop. The self-proclaimed neutral news web portal Lallantop, who chants transparent journalism day and night, has trolled Rahul Gandhi, his BJP love is not new, this thread is being written to expose his platform.”

Saurabh Dwivedi’s old filthy tweets

Journalist Utkarsh Singh has written, “What is seen is not there and what is shown is not there. To make a big name and recognition in the media industry, having these qualities is most important.”

Check out some more filthy tweets:

Saurabh Dwivedi’s old filthy tweets

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