KRK destroys Anupam Kher for maintaining silence on the plunging rupee, says ‘Besharmi Ka Daman Pakadkar Chuchap Baithe hain’

The Indian rupee has fallen to around Rs 80 per dollar. With this, imports ranging from crude oil to electronic products, foreign education and foreign travel are expected to become expensive, as well as the situation of inflation is expected to worsen. The opposition parties are attacking the Modi government on this issue. There has also been a debate on social media. At the same time, Bollywood actor Kamal R. Khan has taken a brutal dig at Anupam Kher for his silence on rupee hitting new low everyday.

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KRK referring to Kher’s old tweets on rupee plunging during Manmohan Singh led Congress government, tweeted, “When was 1$ = ₹56 So Modi Ji was criticising PM Manmohan Singh Ji. People like @AnupamPKher were abusing Manmohan Singh Ji. Today when 1$=₹80.05 Toh Ye Sab Log Muh Main Dahi Jama Kar, Besharmi Ka Daman Pakadkar Chuchap Baithe hain.”

KRK mocks & trolls Anupam Kher

After this KRK made tweet where he said, “Today nobody cares what is value of rupee? What are the prices? What is the economy condition of the country? Everybody is busy about Hindu Muslim only and Modi ji is too busy in doing Fekam Fek. And I don’t blame him at all, when he doesn’t know anything more than this.”

KRK mocks & trolls Anupam Kher

The veteran actor, who is often viewed as being close to the Narendra Modi-led government and is married to BJP MP Kirron Kher. The actor was often seen criticising then Congress led UPA government. But now he rarely seen criticising Modi led BJP government.

Actor Anupam Kher had made a tweet on August 28, 2013 about the falling rupee and wrote – “Everything is falling. The value of rupees and the value of man. ‘We belong to the country in which Ganga cries.”

Kher made another tweet on November 16 2013 in which he was again taking dig at weak Indian rupee. He tweeted, “In Bahrain you feel poorer when you exchange money from Dollar to Dinar, Our Rupee is really Sasta but not Tikau.:)”

Netizens are also giving their reactions on KRK’s tweet. A user tweeted, “In the reel life, @AnupamPKher is a good actor, but in the real life, he is the andhbhakt par excellence ( I hope, I am not offending @vivekagnihotri. He is an equally dedicated andhbhakt).”

Another user tweeted, “Let #Anupam_kher & seer #Shri_Shri come forward 2apolize DrManmohan Singh & whole nation 4 their faulty & meaningless critism of Congress Govt! Lala Ramdev also be answerable 2the public! These people must openly critisise Modi Govt’s inability 2meet their claims & promises!

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