Korean Web Series: 5 must watch K-drama in 2022 on OTT platforms

Korean Web Series: If you are bored of watching Indian drama and want to try something new, then Korean drama can be a good option for you. These days the popularity and demand of Korean series is increasing a lot. This is the reason why now Korean content is being made available in Hindi language in India. If you are interested in watching Korean series, then you can watch these five series on MX Player:

Korean Web Series: Penthouse


The battle for money, power and prestige is shown in the famous Korean drama Penthouse. The series revolves around the residents of Hera Palace. There are many secrets and hidden ambitions in this luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors, which are brought to the audience one after the other in the series.

Korean Web Series: Richman


Richman is a romantic comedy series in which the lead actor is the CEO of an IT firm. The series featured the lead actor as an arrogant person who does not remember people’s faces. But life takes a new turn when he meets a girl named Kim Bora, who reminds him of his first love.

Korean Web Series: Evil of Flower

Flower of Evil

If you are looking for a new web series, then Flower of Evil can be a great option for you. The series depicts the story of a bloody husband whose wife is a police officer. During a case, the secret of his past is revealed. Apart from MX Player, you can watch this drama in Hindi on Netflix as well.

Korean Web Series: Pinocchio


The Korean series ‘Pinocchio’ is a great K-drama, which everyone must watch. The series is the story of two young boy and girl who become media reporters for different reasons. While on one hand the boy wants to become a true journalist, on the other hand the girl wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother. The responsibility of a journalist has been shown well in the series.

Korean Web Series: Goblin


The K-drama series Goblins is a different story. The series depicts the story of a new-age ghost, a goblin, who has been waiting for his salvation for 900 years with a sword in his chest. He will get salvation only when his bride takes the sword out of his chest. During the search for your bride, the story of the series takes many twists, which will keep you entertained to the fullest.

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