Know whether taking BCG vaccine will reduce the risk of coronavirus

According to recent research, in countries where the BCG vaccine program has been run, there has been a 6-fold reduction in deaths due to the corona virus disease Kovid-19. However, this research has yet to be reviewed.

Let us tell you that BCG vaccine is given to prevent tuberculosis. In many countries of the world, the effect of this vaccine is being tested in the prevention of corona virus. For example, a team of researchers in Australia is researching its effect in protecting Kovid-19 healthcare workers from epidemics.

The research on the BCG vaccine has been published in the MedRxiv online archive rather than in an academic journal. Because, this study has not yet been reviewed by other researchers. This research is based on sufficient data related to the death rate due to corona per 10 lakh citizens of each country. Researchers have collected data of the top 50 countries where the highest number of infected cases have been reported from Kovid-19 infection.

The researchers, while estimating the mortality rate of these countries, have also taken into account the economic condition of each country and the population of the elderly. This research is the result of knowing the potential benefits of BCG vaccine amid the corona virus epidemic. In this research, experts from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said that the relationship between the BCG vaccine and the reduction in the number of deaths from Kovid-19 may lead to the recovery of this epidemic soon in the future.

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