‘Kiske kehne par Mandir-Masjid dikha rahe ho?’: Rakesh Tikait gets into a heated argument with India TV anchor

Rakesh Tikait gets into a heated argument: Elections are going to be held in five states including Uttar Pradesh. In view of this, the political agitation has intensified. Its effect is also being seen in TV studios. Rakesh Tikait, the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, who came into the limelight during the farmers’ movement, had come to attend a TV debate show. Here he saw the picture of Ram temple on the screen behind. Seeing this, he was furious. He got into a heated argument with the anchor of the show.

Rakesh Tikait asked the anchor that on whose behest are you showing the ‘Mandir-Masjid’ (temple-mosque). He also accused the TV channel of ruining the country. He said that instead of a temple-mosque, put a picture of a hospital.

Rakesh Tikait gets into a heated argument with the anchor

Let us tell you that Rakesh Tikait had reached India TV to attend a program Election Manch. When he reached to join the discussion, it was written on the top of the screen, ‘Kisan Ka Mukhya Mantri Kaun?’. Below was a picture of the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya. Seeing this, Tikait got angry. He asked the news anchor that what compulsion do you have for this? Who are you promoting? What is it showing? Tikait said in a loud voice that the camera and pen are guarded by a gun.

Rakesh Tikait gets into a heated argument

Earlier, Rakesh Singh Tikait claimed that in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, voters will favor only those who talk about the welfare of farmers. They will not do any good to those who polarize on religious lines by taking the name of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Pakistan. In an interview to news agency PTI, Tikait said that farmers in UP are going through a crisis as they are getting less value for their produce and are being forced to pay exorbitant electricity bills.

On the question of effective issues in the UP assembly elections, Tikait said, “There are many issues including inflation for the farmers, unemployed, youth and middle class, but through regular statements on Jinnah and Pakistan, there is a need to incite a sense of polarization between Hindus and Muslims. Efforts are being made but the efforts of those who do so will not succeed, rather it will harm them.” Tikait, however, did not name any individual or party.

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