Kim Jong-un Bans Laughing, Drinking for 11 days on his father’s 10th Death Anniversary

Kim Jong-un Bans Laughing: North Korea has banned citizens from laughing, drinking and going shopping for 11 days. Kim Jong-un issued this order on Friday on the occasion of the 10th death anniversary of his father Kim Jong-il. It is reported that Kim has declared national mourning in the country for the next 11 days from Friday. Due to this, all leisure activities of citizens have been stopped for this period.

Many citizens of North Korea have also confirmed these sanctions implemented by Kim Jong. Radio Free Asia quoted residents of the city of Sinuiju, located on the country’s border, as saying that ordinary people cannot go out of the house to buy everyday items. Along with the arrest of those who break the rules, there is also a provision for strict punishment to them.

Kim Jong-un Bans Laughing, Drinking for 11 days

One citizen, on condition of anonymity, said, “Earlier on the death anniversary of Kim Jong-il, people who were found drinking or in a state of intoxication were arrested and kept like criminals. There are no news of people who have been arrested”

This citizen further said, “Even if someone dies during the 11 days of mourning, then his family members are not even allowed to cry loudly. Dead body can be taken for the last rites only after the 11 days of mourning are completed. People cannot even celebrate birthdays during the period of mourning.”

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