Khargone Violence: Muslim man with amputated hands accused of stone pelting, his shop demolished

After the violence in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, the administration is taking action to run a bulldozer at the house of the accused. But questions are being raised on the action of the Shivraj Singh government and police-administration in the Khargone Violence case of Madhya Pradesh on the day of Ram Navami.

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The Shop of a man named Wasim Sheikh has been demolished by a bulldozer, whose both hands were amputated in an accident in 2005. In the eyes of the police-administration, he is an accused of riots. There are 5 members in Wasim Sheikh’s family and the shop which was demolished by the government bulldozers used to make a living for everyone. Wasim Sheikh is the father of two children.

35-year-old Wasim Shaikh was electrocuted in 2005. In this accident, he suffered serious injuries and had to amputate both his hands. While talking to the media, Wasim Sheikh expressed his grief. Wasim Sheikh said, “My Gumti has been demolished, in which I used to run a small business. I used to sell candy to support my family of five.”

Khargone Violence

He added, “The government is saying that the houses and shops of the rioters have been demolished. How can I riot, I am dependent on others even for water. I have no means to feed the wife and mother of my two children.” During this, Wasim Sheikh said that the government was about to demolish his shop, for this he did not even get any notice so that he could take out the goods safely in time.

At the same time, administrative officials on this matter say that there has been no damage to Wasim Sheikh’s Gumti. However, off-the-records, the district administration is also accepting that the Gumti was not marked for demolition by a bulldozer.

In another similar case, three Muslim men who have been in jail since March 5 were named on the list of Ram Navami riot-accused persons Khargone. Following the riots that took place on Sunday, the house of one of the men accused of rioting was demolished on 11 April, along with 16 other houses.

The people who are named in the case are Shabaz, Fakru, and Rauf. The three were falsely charged for rioting in Khargone during Ram Navami celebrations on 10 April.

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