‘Keep murdering people in the name of winning elections’: actor Siddharth lashes out at Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

Film actor Siddharth has slammed Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan for killing people at all costs in order to win the elections somehow.

The day before yesterday, former prime minister Manmohan Singh had written a letter to the central government containing five key ideas on controlling the corona epidemic in India.

In the letter, Manmohan Singh put forward his ideas to the Central Government on maintaining stocks and distribution of corona vaccine and increasing corona vaccine production.

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Responding to the letter on his Twitter page, Dr Harshwardhan said, “History shall be kinder to you Dr. Manmohan Singh ji, if your Congress party leaders follow the constructive cooperation and valuable advice you give in such extraordinary moments.”

And his reply letter was aimed at blaming the Congress leaders as a whole.

Referring to Harsh Vardhan’s response, actor Siddharth posted on his Twitter page, “You are not a Corona fighter, Harsh Vardhan. In fact you are an ally of the corona virus. You are killing the people of the country at all costs to win the election somehow. Even at this time you gather people at religious meetings and ceremonies and kill them too. History will never forget this and forgive you. shame,” Siddharth said.

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had yesterday responded to a letter written by Manmohan Singh to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It said, “Are all the suggestions you have made on measures against coronavirus applicable to your party? While the federal government is fighting for the corona vaccine to be available to all, many senior leaders of your party and heads of state are questioning the vaccines made in India.

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