Karnataka to give Rs 3 lakh aid to financially backward Brahmin brides who marry a priest

The Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board, set up by the Yeddyurappa government last year, has now launched two new schemes aimed at brahmin brides.

The two schemes aimed at providing financial help for the marriage of girls from poor brahmin families.

Brahmin brides to get Rs 25k and 3 lakh

According to Board President HS Sachchidananda Murthy, the first plan would be Arundhati. Under this, the bride will get assistance of 25 thousand rupees. Under the second Maitreyi scheme, girls marrying a, priest or archak will be given a bond of 3 lakh rupees with certain conditions.

Under the Arundhati Yojana, the board has selected girls from 550 poor families, while 25 girls are proposed to be included in the Maitreyi project.

“Brahmins coming from economically backward sections of society will be eligible. Other conditions include that not only should the bride be from the Brahmin community, it should be her first marriage, ”said Murthy. “Married couples also have to give a promise that they will stay married for a certain time.”

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According to the Brahmin Board, about 500 girls of marriageable age and belonging to the economically backward class have been identified for the Arundhati Yojana. As part of the pilot program, another 25 brides have been selected for the Maitreyi scheme.

Board politics

The scheme is just the latest measure to please the community by the Yeddyurappa-led BJP government. The government has also introduced an affordable scheme in which Rs 500 per month will be provided to around 4,000 individuals who show a desire to be trained in worship rituals and Sandhya Vandana (evening prayer). The age limit for this scheme is between 8-80 years.

The Brahmin Board was established only in July last year, after the Modi government implemented the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) reservation for upper castes.

The board is part of a tradition by state politicians to appease particular communities. Although the BJP eventually established the Brahmin Board, the idea was first mooted by JD (S) leader H.K. D. Kumaraswamy during his tenure as Chief Minister in 2018-19. Kumaraswamy had announced that he would pay Rs 25 crore for the board. Brahmins are about 5 percent of Karnataka’s voter base.

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