Kanpur Dehat deceased woman’s son is co-convenor of Bajrang Dal

Kanpur Dehat: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s bulldozer culture in Uttar Pradesh has resulted in the loss of two innocent lives. A mother and daughter were present in the house that was targeted for demolition by the government officials using a bulldozer. Tragically, the house caught fire while the officers on the scene disregarded the presence of the women and blindly ordered the bulldozer to continue.

The use of the bulldozer led to the tragic death of a mother and daughter who were buried and set on fire under the rubble. The incident has sparked outrage among the people, with the deceased’s relatives refusing to retrieve the bodies until a visit from the Chief Minister or Deputy Chief Minister. The presence of high-ranking officers, including the Additional Director General, can be seen at the scene.

An FIR has been filed against the SDM Matha Dnyaneshwar Prasad, Lekhpal Ashok Singh, SO Dinesh Gautam and several police officers and unidentified individuals in connection with the incident. According to the complainant, Shivam Dixit, the land in dispute has been the site of a garden built by his ancestors for 100 years and a concrete house being constructed by his parents for the past 20 years.

According to Shivam Dixit, the incident took place on Monday when the SDM, Maitha Dnyaneshwar Prasad, Lekhpal Ashok Singh, and SHO Dinesh Kumar Gautam arrived at the location with a group of 12 to 15 policemen. At the time, his mother and sister were inside their hut, along with 22 goats, taking a rest.

According to Shivam, the thatched hut was demolished by Deepak JCB driver without informing the family, and Lekhpal Ashok Singh set it on fire. SDM Matha instructed to start the fire to prevent anyone from escaping. Shivam managed to escape the hut, but was then beaten by SHO Dinesh Gautam and police officers who also tried to throw him into the fire.

Krishna Gopal Dixit and his family resided in a hut located in Madauli village, Kanpur Dehat, which was recently demolished by the administration team after a complaint of illegal possession. As the bulldozer squad arrived to remove the encroachment, an argument ensued between Dixit’s family and the team. In an attempt to save the hut from collapsing, the mother-daughter duo locked themselves inside.

The bulldozer team allegedly destroyed the tap and temple, followed by dropping the thatch, which then caught fire. Tragically, Krishna Gopal’s wife and 23-year-old daughter were killed by the fire while he suffered serious burns. The cause of the fire is undisclosed, but the family claims that the Lekhpal started it on the SDM’s orders.

According to media reports, Shivam, the elder son of the deceased woman, is the co-convenor in Bajrang Dal. Therefore dozens of Bajrang Dal workers reached there. The crowd chased away the bulldozer team from the spot. During this, the villagers overturned the Lekhpal’s car parked on the spot. In view of the tension in the village, PAC has also been deployed along with heavy police force. As soon as the news was received, Kanpur Commissioner ADG and IG also reached the spot.