Kannada TV actress Chethana Raj dies hours after fat removal plastic surgery

Kannada TV actress Chethana Raj dies: Kannada cinema’s 21-year-old famous TV actress Chethana Raj has died. The actress breathed her last in a private hospital in Bangalore. If reports are to be believed, Chethana had undergone plastic surgery a few days ago to lose weight. Due to a mistake in the surgery, her lungs started suffering and she died.

If reports are to be believed, the actress did not tell her parents about her surgery and she was admitted to the hospital for surgery alone along with her friends. But she died after surgery.

Kannada TV actress Chethana Raj dies due to fat removal plastic surgery

The family and fans are deeply shocked to hear the news of Chethana’s death. The family of the actress has accused the doctors of negligence. They say that the doctors showed negligence during the surgery, due to which their daughter lost her life. Along with this, they have filed a case against the hospital authority.

Chethana Raj was a Kannada TV actress who made her mark in the TV serials at a young age. She made her presence felt in daily soaps like ‘Geeta’ and ‘Doresani’. After doing these roles, Chethana was appreciated and fans started liking her as an actress. According to the reports, Chethana Raj was only 21 years old and she was born in 2001 in Karnataka.

Reports also claim that the actress did not inform her parents about the surgery and went to the hospital along with her friends. At the same time, Chethana’s parents are accusing the doctor of negligence.

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