Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account gets temporarily banned, says – ‘Will make your lives miserable’

‘Dhakad’ actress Kangana Ranaut is one of the most active actresses on social media. She expresses her views on every issue with utmost care. Due to this she often gets trolled. Yet she continues to express her opinion. These days Twitter is very strict about its policy. Recently, Twitter has suspended the account of former US President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, Twitter also imposed some restrictions on Kangana Ranaut’s account. After this, Kangana’s anger broke out.

Actually, Kangana had made a tweet asking people to take heads off of the makers of ‘Tandav’, which was described as objectionable and many people had reported to Twitter that it was ‘promoting violence’. However, this tweet was later deleted. Now she has made another tweet and has threatened the Liberals, saying that she will make their lives miserable.

Kangana’s Twitter account got banned for some time

Kangana has claimed in a new tweet that Twitter had banned her account for some time. Kangana took Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a wrap. She wrote, ‘Liberals started crying in front of their uncle Jack and my account was banned for some time. They are also threatening me. My account / virtual identity can be martyred for the country at any time. But my Reloaded Patriot version will return through films. Will make your lives miserable ‘.

What did Kangana Ranaut tweet?

Kangana was responding to a tweet which as discussing ‘Tandav’. She tweeted ‘Because even Lord Krishna forgave 99 mistakes of Sheshupala… pehle shanti phir kranti (first peace then vengence)… time to take their heads off.. Jai Shri Krishana ‘. This tweet of Kangana was reported by many people on Twitter. Later she deleted this tweet seeing the outrage.

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