Kangana Ranaut unable to digest the success of Brahmastra, says “movie mafia decides which film to call ‘hit’ and which to ‘flop’

Ever since Ayan Mukherjee’s film ‘Brahmastra’ has been released, someone or the other has been making rhetoric about it. If there are people who are liking the film, then there are also people who are not happy with the success this film is getting. One of these names is Kangana Ranaut. Since the release of the film, Kangana has gone after it and till now she has made many allegations about the film. Now once again Kangana has attacked about it.

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While many people are happy on the success of the film, Kangana Ranaut is shedding tears on it. She is unable to doge the collection figures coming out of the film and she is calling them fake. Recently, Kangana called it India’s biggest rigging and once again she has talked about the film. This time she has taken a dig at the film mafia. Kangana has shared a story on her Insta, in which she has vented her anger.

In the Insta Story, she shared a screenshot of a tweet by box office aggregator website Andhraboxofis.com. The tweet read, “Brahmastra has so far earned Rs 246 crore worldwide, which is a small figure in front of the film’s heavy budget of Rs 650 crore.”

On this, Kangana wrote, “The film has been declared the biggest hit at mere Rs 144 crore (cost 650 cr) this is only to put in perspective how movie mafia works. It’s they who decide which film will be declared a hit and which will be called a flop regardless of its collections or recoveries. They choose who to hype, who to boycott. Here they stand exposed.”

Kangana Ranaut Insta Story

This is not the first time that Kangana has targeted the box-office figures of the film, even before she has accused Karan Johar of manipulating the collection number of ‘Brahmastra’. Kangana Ranaut had posted a long note on her Instagram.

She wrote “It was released on Friday and on Sunday it already proved to be a big hit and earned profits. Ha ha ha …. 250 crores (that too a fake figure). 650 crore including VFX for Rs 650 crore. This film is made in the budget. Just because there is prime focus co-producer. It does not mean that VFX has no cost. Mathematics Karan Johar’s mathematics… we also have to learn.”

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