Kangana Ranaut tried to defame Protesting Farmers through fake claim when caught, deleted tweet

Pictures of farmers’ demonstrations are continuously coming from the Haryana-Punjab-Delhi border in protest against the three controversial agricultural laws. Farmers are gathered on the Indus border of Delhi. Also, after getting permission, farmers are also gathering in the country’s capital. Farmers are getting support but there is also a section which is saying that farmers are being ‘misled’.

Meanwhile, actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted a tweet from a Twitter account named advocate Gautam Yadav, which has been removed. Gautam Yadav’s tweet shows a photo of two older women. One is the famous ‘Bilkis Dadi’ of Shaheen Bagh movement and another is old woman, who is included in the Kisan Protest. It has been claimed that these two women are the same and they are being paid for their performance. Kangana wrote it retweeting,

Since the claim had no merit, this tweet disappeared from Kangana’s Twitter account, but it is a time of screenshots and archive links. Pratik Sinha of Fact Checker website ‘Alt News’ has denied Kangana’s claim as false.

Also, Alt News itself Mohammad Zubair tweeted that this is a baseless and false claim. Apart from this, the grandmother of the farmer movement whose photo has been shared is from a month ago.

Different types of reactions are coming from Twitter users on this tweet by Prateek Sinha. A Twitter user wrote, ‘I have always said that you are exposing your IQ, ability and ideology with every tweet. This is your second self-goal today’. A user named Amitabh wrote, ‘How shameful .. It is sad for the grandmother when such people are blatantly defaming them.’

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