Kangana Ranaut says her Instagram account was hacked, claims ‘International conspiracy

Kangana Ranaut is one such Bollywood actress who is always in the news. Now the actress has told in her latest post that her Instagram account was hacked last night. Kangana has put an Instagram Story, in which she has written that she found suspicious activity in her Instagram account, after which she contacted people from Instagram and then she was able to run it. According to the actress, her account was hacked after posting on Talibanis.

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Kangana Ranaut wrote in her post, ”Last night I got Instagram alert as someone tried to hack my account in China, the alert disappeared suddenly, and this morning all my stories about Talibanis has disappeared. My account was disabled. After calling Instagram people I could access it, but as I try to write I am getting logged out of my account again and again.”

She further added, ”Took my sister’s phone to do this story, as she has my account opened on her phone as well. This is a very big international conspiracy… Unbelievable.”


It is worth noting that in March last, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was also suspended by Twitter forever. After this ban, Kangana had said that she is now waiting to be banned from Instagram as well. She said that if this happens then it will be a badge of honor for her.

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