Kangana Ranaut says ‘Avengers’ and other Hollywood superhero movies are inspired by ‘Vedas’ & ‘Mahabharata’

You ask Kangana Ranaut on any issue, on any subject, the actress has the answer to everything. Now recently, she has said something on Marvel Studios’ superhit franchise ‘Avengers’ and other superhero films of Hollywood, which can surprise anyone. Kangana says that these films and their characters have been taken from Hindu scriptures Vedas. Kangana compared ‘Thor’ to Hanuman, while describing ‘Iron Man’ as Karna of ‘Mahabharata’. While ‘Avengers’ superheroes are said to be part of American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Kangana Ranaut said this in an interview given to ETimes for the promotion of her film ‘Dhaakad’, which is releasing on May 20.

During the interview, Kangana Ranaut was asked, “If you want to play a superhero, then you will do it in a comic book style like people do in Hollywood or will you take inspiration from Indian mythology for it?” In response, Kangana said, “Obviously I will take the approach of my country to play the superhero. I feel that Hollywood draws a lot of inspiration from our mythology and stories. When I look at their superheroes, it seems that they are taken from our Vedas. For example, ‘Iron Man’, his armor can be compared to the armor of Karna of ‘Mahabharata’. Thor and his hammer can be compared with Hanuman ji and his mace.”

Kangana Ranaut further said, “I feel like ‘Avengers’ is inspired by our ‘Mahabharata’. The way of showing them is different, but the stories of these superheroes are taken from our Vedas. They also accept this. I would also like to do something original. Why should I limit myself to Hollywood for inspiration?”

This statement of Kangana Ranaut sparked a debate on social media. All the users were seen making fun of the statement of the actress. SFI president VP Sanu wrote, “Hindutva’s notable historiographer Kangana Ranaut says ‘Avengers’, the American superhero film was inspired by Mahabharat & Vedas. Bhakts, be ready to spread this golden info into whatsapp groups & celebrate.”

A user named Sandeep Bisht wrote, “She is an Idiot..what does she wants in life ? Pls advise her some good psychiatrist.”

A user named DrCovaxin wrote, “Everything under the Sun is inspired from India. Even Greek Gods like Thor is inspired from Hanuman. How can one be so retard ?!!!” Another user wrote, “Does she know ki Thor is already a god in a different mythology?”

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