Kangana Ranaut dropped from best actress nomination after she threatened to sue Filmfare for sending her invitation

Bollywood’s Panga Girl actress Kangana Ranaut often remains in the discussion about her statement. Kangana, who openly expresses her opinion on almost every issue, is once again in the headlines. Recently, the actress has decided to sue Filmfare magazine. The actress gave information about this through one of her social media posts. Reacting to this decision of Kangana, the magazine also shared a long note. Along with this, Kangana’s nomination was also canceled due to false allegations. Meanwhile, now the actress has given her reaction on this.

Sharing a story on Instagram, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “@filmfare has finally withdrew my bets actress nominations, thanks to everyone who supported me in this fight against corrupt system but this doesn’t stop me from taking legal action against them…my endeavour is to put an end to these unethical practices and stop such malicious award shows…see you in court @filmfare.”

Kangana Ranaut Insta Story

Actually, earlier, the Filmfare had presented its side through social media, calling Kangana’s allegations false. Sharing a post, the magazine said, “As per the rules of the Awards, the Executive Editor of Filmfare informed about the nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role Female to Ranaut and asked her address for sending the invites.” It has also shared a part of its message sent to Kangana. Along with this, the magazine also clarified that there was no request for award or performance in this event anywhere.

Filmfare statement
Filmfare statement
Filmfare statement

It is worth noting that on the previous day, actress Kangana Ranaut, while sharing the story on Instagram, said that a prestigious film magazine is sending her an invitation to come to its award show despite refusing. In such a situation, she has decided to file a lawsuit against the magazine.

In her post, she wrote, “I’ve banned unethical, corrupt and totally unfair practices like @filmfare since 2014, but since I have been getting many calls from them for attending their award function this year as they want to give me award for Thalaivii… I am shocked to know that they are still nominating me. It is beneath my dignity, work ethics and value system to encourage such corrupt practices in anyway, that is why I have decided to sue @filmfare … thanks.”

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