Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh engage in a heated war: She calls him Karan Johar’s pet, he says she has no ‘tameez’

In the video, 88-year-old Mahinder is seen marching along with the farmers of Punjab with the agricultural laws of the central government despite the bowed waist. After this picture of Mahinder Kaur, she was also compared on social media to Bilkis grandmother who led the Shaheen Bagh protest. However, on social media, some people even started calling Mahinder Kaur as the grandmother of Shaheen Bagh. Meanwhile, actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted a photo of both Bilkis and Mahinder Kaur together. Kangana wrote – “ha ha. She is the same grandmother who was included in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people …. and they are available for 100 rupees.” However, Kangana later deleted this tweet. Meanwhile, the fact check website Alt News had made it clear that both Mahinder Kaur and Bilkis Dadi are separate women.

Meanwhile, Mahinder Kaur, while reacting to Kangana’s tweet, strongly objected to Kangana Ranaut’s remarks. She said – Kangana come with me and work in the field for a while. I will give them a thousand rupees. Diljit Dosanjh, who hails from Punjab, also shared it on Twitter and tagged Kangana and asked – here is Team Kangana. Listen with proof. Man should not be so blind. Anything is being spoken.

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Kangana, replying to Diljit’s tweet, wrote, “O Karan Johar’s pet, the dadi who was protesting for her citizenship in Shaheen Bagh, the same Bilkis Banu dadi was also seen protesting for the farmers MSP. I don’t even know Mahinder Kaur Ji. Have you guys played a drama? Finish it immediately. ‘

Then Diljit tweeted – You have filmed with many people, you are their pet? Then the list of owners will be long ..? These are not the Bollywood ones, but the Punjabis. You are an expert in provoking people by lying and playing with emotions.

To this Kangana replied – I only commented on Shaheen Bagh’s grandmother. I will apologize if someone proves me wrong.

Kangana and Diljit’s debate did not stop here but it got faster. Both of them called each other good and bad in objectionable accent. After this, #KanganaRanaut and #Diljit hit the top trend on Twitter. People are also asking to apologize to Kangana.

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