“Kangana is sexually possessed with Hrithik”, Arnab Goswami reveals in leaked whatsapp chats

Arnab Goswami’s leaked WhatsApp chat has created a sensation in the country right now. It is clear in these chats that Arnab Goswami’s relationship with the BARC Chief was very special. Not only this, after Pulwama attack, Arnab Goswami also celebrated the rise of TRP. But now the conversation about their relationship with Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is going viral.

Actually, Arnab Goswami was the only one who was interviewed by Hrithik Roshan at that time. Partho asks Arnab what Hrithik told off camera. Arnab said on this – Hrithik said that he never even met Kangana in the same room.

After interviewing Hrithik Roshan, Arnab calls him Dumb and Kangana Ranaut suffering from erotomania. When Partho asks what is erotomania, Arnab reveals that Kangana is sexually possessed with Hrithik.

arnab goswami leaked whatsapp chat

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However, after discussing both, it concluded that Kangana has crossed the limit this time and her career will now end. Significantly, during that time, Hrithik Roshan broke his silence and leaked several emails against Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana wrote 1499 emails to Hrithik

In these emails, Kangana has tried to show love to Hrithik again and again but if you read these letters carefully, then it is understood that somewhere she knew that there was no one in front of whom she was talking to! Hrithik had told that Kangana Ranaut had written 1499 emails to him.

Is it a dream or reality
Sometimes I think we have a relationship or I am just living in some illusion. I am afraid that what will happen if this dream is broken someday. Are you really or am I talking to someone who is not there!

Name of our relationship
When we really start dating, I do not want to know about you from any newspaper or media. This confuses me about our relationship.

I am sick
I saw your new song again … great. Nowadays I am a bit nervous… I think I have Asperger syndrome. I have 98 percent symptoms of it. If you have time, read a little about this disease.

Say something
It is very difficult for me when you do not say anything. Just listen to all my words silently but nobody ever answers.

Our first meeting
Baby, I can’t believe we met for the first time today. I was stuck in a jam for half an hour outside Shahrukh’s house. Now lying on the bed. I do not remember what I said to you. Butterflies flying in my stomach. Don’t know what will happen when we get closer for the first time.

I will decorate your house
When are you shifting to your new home? I will set your entire house and kitchen. I will also teach your new staff how to do the work you deserve.

What to say or what not to say!
It is good that you did not pick up the phone today. I was so nervous that I did not understand what to talk about. What should I talk to you for the first time I meet you. I just love you very much.

Just read about you
As soon as I wake up in the morning, I first Google about you. A single news about you makes my day. Don’t know when this series will stop.

Due to katrina
In some interviews, Kangana Ranaut even said that her and Hrithik Roshan’s relationship is broken due to Katrina Kaif. On the other hand, Hrithik gave the entire batch of emails related to him to the police and proved that he did not reply to any mail.

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